An estate agent from our company will visit your property in order to carry out an evaluation according to current market values. Some agencies and Notaries charge you for an evaluation, but we are happy to do it free of charge.

In order for us to market your property, and in accordance with French law, you are required to sign a sales mandate. This confirms the price authorisation to advertise both in the press and on the Internet; and to view with potential clients. Where there is more than one owner, the agreement of all parties is required (e.g. beneficiaries, parents + children, a couple in the process of divorce etc.). Our company will ALWAYS accompany clients who wish to view a property.

If the selling price has been correctly evaluated, the average delay for signing an initial sales agreement with a buyer is 57 days. If no offer is made within this period, the property has probably been over-evaluated and it is therefore advisable to lower the selling price. Once an offer from a buyer has been accepted, an official agreement (compromis) must be signed. (See the article under the rubric “pratical information” for more detailed information on the “compromis”). The ownership deeds are signed in the presence of a Notary, and the property must be vacant at this time (except in the case where the property is being sold to let). When payment is settled, the keys must be exchanged. NB : The notary (legal) and negotiation fees are at the expense of the buyer.


Once you have found your dream property and you wish to make an offer, you are required to make an official written proposition through the agency. If the offer is accepted by the vendor he then counter-signs it.

From this time onwards, he cannot accept an offer from anybody else – this in effect is what prevents “guzumping”. Once the offer has been signed by both parties, the agency prepares the preliminary contract (compromis). This legal agreement confirms the intention of the two parties to buy and to sell providing that certain formalities are met such as : loan/mortgage being obtained, building permission being granted, sale of another property being finalised etc.

This signed agreement is sent by recorded mail to the buyer who then disposes of 7 days should he wish to withdraw his offer. (See the rubric “pratical information” for more detailed information on the compromis.) A deposit is paid by the buyer when the "compromis" is signed (5-10%of the acquisition price) and is deducted from the final amount due when the sale takes place. Generally, the signing of the final ownership papers (which are signed in the presence of a Notary) takes place between two and three months after payment must be made, and this in turn secures the transfer of the property.